About Our Ministry
Hey There,

 We are Pool Ministries. Separately we are Jim and Beverly Pool. Let’s see we met back in 2005. When he was a single Pool, and I was still a Calvin. We met at church. He was a music minister part time and working full time for Salvation Army. I was working as a nurse at a near by hospital and going to school for x-ray. Well, we started to date a year later. In December of 06’. I was then done with school and employed at a big clinic doing x-rays. Well, we dated for a year and decided to tie the knot. Which we did on February 16th 2008. So, thus is how we are the Pool's. Now shortly after being married for 6 ½ months.

    How the Pool's got started


We quit our jobs and decided to step out in faith and pursue this ministry fulltime. We both prayed that this was God’s will and on our very First Show God showed up and we had a marvelous time! …To this day all we can say is THANK YOU JESUS! The Rest is history. We have now been in ministry fulltime for 4 years.

You can find us at all kinds of places! We sing/minister at:
Churches, Revivals, Wal-Marts, Town Squares, City Meetings, Big Lots, Dollar Stores, Back Yards, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Visits, Pretty much anywhere we can find a plug in!  
--Most importantly we've seen SOULS SAVED at every event! --

We are most often found where you don’t hear about God! We do this because; He is worthy of the praise! We want the name of Jesus echoed about in our streets! 
 Feel free to contact us through Facebook at anytime for prayer. Or anykind of booking informtiaon! 





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